Biography - Eugene S. Perry

Born in Liberia, West Africa, Perry moved to the United States in 1986, at the age of ten, where he lived with his father, stepmother, and younger brother in West Philadelphia. There he attended private school for most of his childhood life. They then relocated to Willingboro, New Jersey, where he finished school and took on various jobs. After completing high school, Perry completed two years of college but lost interest in the college direction. He then took on an entry-level position in a metal fabrication shop, where he familiarized himself with different techniques and aspects of welding. After quickly learning the trade and obtaining certification, he began using scrap metal from the job to create pieces of artwork. It was not until he met frame shop/art gallery owner Jung Park, who inspired him to take his creativity more seriously. There he learned his main painting techniques as well as the finishing themes.

In 2007, Park and Perry collaborated on a few pieces which were sold to establishments in the Philadelphia area. During this time, Perry was able to show his work at First Fridays in Old City, Philadelphia. Here he received great feedback from the public, which gave him more confidence to pursue his career. After 3 years of creating his art on the job, before and after work, and during lunch break, Perry was sadly let go from the job along with two others due to business slowing down. Not knowing his next step, he quickly acted on purchasing his own inexpensive welder and hand tools to continue creating his art in his single garage town home where he shared with his wife and first daughter. He then began to network with other artists, did a few showings through galleries, and participated in art festivals.

Fast-forward to 2011, Perry now has a great understanding of the art world and continues to perfect his craft at his own separate studio in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. At this point he is now established and awarded in his category, attending major art shows such as Artexpo New York and Art Basel Miami, while receiving major commission work from individuals through shows, interior designers and building architects. Some of his major accomplishments include pieces within apartment building lobbies, hotel grounds, and one of his larger Building Blocks collection on the grounds of Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut. With so many accomplishments of his work, Perry has truly become an international artist with collectors in the United States and abroad.

Perry is now residing in the Orlando area of Florida where he continues his passion of creating innovative, modern, and sophisticated sculptures that will grace the homes of people who will enjoy them for many years to come.